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DJ/ Music Producer/ Artist



    I make music because I love doing it. It all started back in 2009 at an Insomniac show when I was living in California. My friends took me to my first rave in LA and I dropped Acid for the first time. PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) was alive back then and I couldn't believe how kind, passionate and loving everyone at that show was to me, a complete stranger. I was told that I needed a rave outfit and so I went shopping. Yellow has always been my favorite color, and signifies happiness and love to me. I picked out some bright yellow pants, wore my Sky High yellow t-shirt, picked out some yellow Air Force Ones and off I went to my first rave. I loved how each tent had different kinds of music. I had been an avid listener of Trance and mainstream electronic for quite some time so going to the underground was like discovering a paradise I never knew existed. After my trip set in at the house stage, I needed better vibes, so off I went to what I called home, the Trance stage. Light Gloves, Smiles, Shuffling, Beautiful People everywhere, I was in love. I remember seeing Dash Berlin and singing along to all his songs, and after his set, an unexpected twist happened... Let's back up a bit. My rave family in SoCal loved Hardstyle. They were there for Hardstyle. They asked me, Scott, Do you know what Hardstyle is? I answered no... and off we went to see the legend himself, Headhunterz. This is where everything changed for me. This was Headhunterz's first time in America, and I was unknowingly fortunate enough to be there at this very moment. I had never heard music like this before, Hardstyle. Booming kicks, brilliant distorted melodies and complete musical builds to what we call, the climax. I specifically remember staring up at Headhunterz in the crowd, in my bright yellow outfit, and his eyes linking with mine while he debuted his song, Tonight. I knew at that moment I was going to make music for the rest of my life. I was going to give people what Heady gave me that night, a dream that extended beyond anything I could possibly imagine. From that moment I started, I downloaded Traktor and began mixing all my favorite music, playing at every house party I could and recording mixes. I downloaded Fruity Loops and realized oh snap, this is hard! Haha. I realized that this dream of mine would be the most difficult path I could take in my life, but I made the decision to take it anyway and I don't regret it for a second. I think what Cooltown means to me is a step back into that night, Peace, Love, Unity and Respect all centered around the MUSIC. I plan to play to cities of people someday, all proudly waving the Cooltown banner high, here for one reason and one reason only, unified in love of music. That is what Cooltown means to me. Every single day I work hard to make my music better. I have spent countless hours producing over 100 songs and my music is finally getting some recognition. I had my first signed release to G-Mafia Records, I have DJ'd all over the pacific northwest, I have over 150 episodes of my weekly radio show, PFB Radio released and counting. I have built my brand from scratch and I am so proud of everything I have accomplished so far. To be a Cooltown Citizen is to battle adversity, to stand up for what you believe in, and to never give up. With all that being said, I welcome you into the gates of Cooltown, and I can't wait to see all your smiling faces out on a dance floor near you soon.


Stay Cool,



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